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Bingle Review: Why You May Still Get Stung

Bingle’s Comprehensive Insurance Flaw

Bingle is an an Australian car insurance company that boasts lower premiums due to running business operations almost entirely online. Bingle advertisements encourage consumers to avoid getting “stung” or “trapped” by the higher fees enforced by mainstream insurance companies by insuring their car with Bingle, who can offer cheaper fees due to their lack of overhead.


But whilst Bingle may be cheaper initially, there is a major flaw in their insurance policy which could see you paying more that what you had initially bargained for. This is a flaw I discovered through a personal experience, which I will outline below, but basically, the distinguishing feature (flaw) that Bingle has over most other insurance companies is that their policy states that the excess you pay to make a claim will not be refunded till after they recoup their costs.

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The Walking Dead

It is pretty much the same reaction every time, when you ask someone if they have seen The Walking Dead, they typically answer “No, what is it about?” you, knowing how awesome it is, will try to come up with a compelling synopsis only to be cut off at “zombie apocalypse” with a disinterested “Oh… okay. I’m not really into zombie films.”

Well, who really is into zombie films?! BRAAINZ, BRAAAAAAINZ!! Lame.

But there’s something special about The Walking Dead, and it’s hard to express exactly what that is, especially to someone who has not seen it. Apocalyptic zombie takeovers are an old concept, but with some great characters, intense action, and special effects that far surpass what you would expect from a TV series, you are provided with an engaging atmosphere that really pulls you in.


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Officeworks and Shitty Warranties


Officeworks — Those Jerks

So, I bought a laser printer from Officeworks back in 2011, and they offered to sell me an extended warranty that would cover the printer for three years. I know, I’ve been told you should never buy an extended warranty, but since I was a uni student and did not have a lot of money, I couldn’t be sure that I would have enough money to buy a new printer 12 months down the track if this one broke — I knew how fickle printers could be — and I needed a printer.

Well, some 30 months down the track, and after innumerable paper jams, the thing finally shits itself to the point where I couldn’t fix it anymore — time to make good on that warranty I paid almost $20 bucks for.

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Oversold All-Ages Band Events

Alright, so a lot of us in the over-18 crowd tend to complain when one of our favourite bands has an upcoming gig that is going to be an all-ages event. That means a bunch of obnoxious, young teenagers will be there flailing their fists around at our otherwise fairly chillaxed metal show, like it is some kind of shitty hardcore gig where the main point is to create a retard blender.

Now, that’s all well and crappy, but I wish to bring attention to another shitty facet I have noticed at all-ages events — they don’t fucking let you in! Well, they obviously let plenty in. But I have noticed that they oversell tickets, or put these absurdly inefficient screening measures in place that leave you standing outside the venue in a queue for hours even after the gig has started.

I have never noticed this at over-18s events, but have noticed this issue at several all-ages events. I wonder if this is deliberate?

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Hello and welcome to the first post on what I hope will one day become a semi-popular, half-decent blog.

What is a “bl… bleh… blog?” I hear you ask? Why, it is a web log, my curious cousin! You see, “Blog” is merely an abbreviation. Fascinating factoid, I know — and welcome to the internet! Try not to step on any cats, LOL.

What does one write about on a blog, you ask? Why, any rootin’-tootin’ gossip I wish to share with the world. You see, I am far too vainglorious to settle for my mere social network of Facebook friends; I need a bigger, bloggier stage to spit on — hence why I went out and got an entire domain just for me.

So, what should I write about on this first post? What do people write about on their first blog post? Maybe if they are fat they write about how they’ve recently realised how fat they are and how they are going to try and lose weight and blog about their ups and downs on their long road to skinnydom.

Perhaps they are a guy who has just taken up cycling and wants to blog about cycling and share his cycling adventures with other unlikeminded cycling psychos, but is secretly only cycling because he wants an excuse to get out of the house and away from that nagging wife and hopes subjecting himself to hours of having a tiny, hard bicycle seat pushing up into his crotch will render him sterile so he doesn’t have to have any kids until one day he realises that all this cycling is just a sad metaphor about how he is stuck in a vicious cycle and his life is going nowhere, so he grabs a revolver and puts the barrel in his mouth and then he shits himself because he remembered he left the hair straightener on and it burnt the bath towel, setting the smoke detector off. Who knows?

Perhaps you have a blog? Maybe you could share what you wrote about on your first blog post. Leave something for us in the comments below.

It is a little past my bedtime right this minute, so I have nothing else to offer, and no one will be reading me anyway.